august, 2024

28augHeldags30The Borker Tower Tour 2024


In 2024 the Dutch VMC organised with the Hamove the Windmill Rally in Hengelo G. on 24 and 25 Aug.for motorcycles till 1940 and we will organise our 3 days run The Borker Tower Tour 28, 29 and 30 Aug. for motorcycles till 1956.

So you  can drive ca. 250 km. in Hengelo and ca. 500 km. In Westerbork in ca. 8 days.

Normaly we drive more km. in 3 days but we hope there come some older bikes this year.

More information follows this winter on the site and our site:

Thanks and regards,

Johan Rutgerink


august 28 (Onsdag) - 30 (Fredag)